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The Magical Craft Box | 24 Color Premium Air Dry Modeling Clays | A Fantastic Art and Craft Project Set For Kids | 120 Projects Tutorials


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[Special Edition] The Magical Clay Craft Box!

Kids Art & Craft Project Air Dry Crafting Clay Set | 24 Color Light & Soft Kids Magic Clay | At Home Craft Ideas for Kids | Slime Clay & Crafting Toys for Kids | Kindergarten & Homeschool Gift Art Set

Teach Crafting and Improve Your Kids' Spatial Thinking Capacity with Genova Art's CraftyClay Modeling Clay Kits! Creative art and craft ideas for kids age between 6 and 12. Kindergarten and homeschooling: teach crafting projects and improve your kids' spatial thinking capacity with Genova Art's CraftyClay modeling clay kits! At home craft ideas for kids sculpting, modeling & slime making.

"Dried Clay" Guarantee! : Amazon is full of reviews stating "Clays came dried out, but worth the price". This is unacceptable. Genova Art CraftyClay stays fresh in the high-quality, well-sealed cups for over a year even after opening. Non-greasy, non-sticky, no bending and no cracking. We are a dedicated modeling clay brand in the art & craft supplies industry.

The clay texture is tested by the art and craft professionals and considered as the best soft and light air dry clay texture in the market. 100% Non-Toxic Tested and Certified "USA safe children product". Even the staples of the printed booklet, even the plastic shrink over the box are all tested and certified to ensure a complete safety for your children. Always ask for the original test report before you purchase(!). 

The Magical Craft Box is a fantastic theme teaching 7 different popular characters. A set of tools and accessories including key-chains, rings, wiggle eyes and modeling pens help kids explore their imagination and design their own gifts. Kids creative art & craft present for holiday. Children age 6 to 12 love crafting toys and educational gifts. This diy kit for kids motivates children to play with their family and friends.

With Printed Step by Step Tutorials Booklet. Scan the QR Code and Access the World's Largest Tutorials Booklet of 120 Projects. CraftyClay Theme Based Modeling Clay Kits are Fantastic to Learn Modeling. Each Cup Represents a Specific Model To Let Your Kids Learn Faster. Perfect For Home Schooling!

What's in the kit?

6 cups of color mixing, and professional-grade modeling clays. Non-greasy, non-sticky, non-cracky, and ultra-elastic texture. Stays fresh for over a year in its food-grade sealed cup even after using.  Color mixable, paintable, and reusable air-dry modeling clays. Food-grade FDA approved sealed cups.

Each cup includes 4 different colors and represents a specific model. Rainbow Unicorn, Fairy House, The Legendary Magic Wand, and many more!  All taught step by step with the printed teaching booklet. A set of tools and accessories including key-chains, rings, wiggle eyes and modeling pens will help your children explore their imagination and design their own gifts. 

  1. 6 cups of air-dry modeling clays
  2. Printed Tutorial Booklet
  3. Modeling Pens
  4. Keychains
  5. Rings
  6. Wiggle Eyes

24 Months Proven Shelf Life!

Clays, package materials, and plastic cups are all tested by SGS and approved as harmless "Artist Material" and "Children Product" for the United States of America. US Children Product Certificated.